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Review of “Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano”

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in “Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano”, Restaurant Review | Comments Off on Review of “Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano”


The other day ago I felt like eating Italian food, and I just remembered that there was a new Italian restaurant opening just down the street. I thought, I should go there, and while I’m there, I might as well write a review about it. So, I headed down to “Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano”, and as always when I’m in an Italian place, I ordered my usual. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the place. I thought it was just a small place, but before my eyes, there was a huge restaurant with all the food you could wish for on the menu. And, here’s what I thought of it.


So, as I already said, when I entered the place, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The place was huge, and the atmosphere was extremely friendly. I thought that, being a new restaurant, it would be half-empty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The place was packed, but not in a bad way. It was full, but there was still enough place for everyone. The place is really elegant and comfortable, a real Italian place with an Italian welcoming. They know that people are going to spend an hour there, so they wanted you to enjoy that hour.[/p]

The place was clean spotless, and it looks as if they’re doing a great job there. The manager knows what he’s doing, because I couldn’t find anything there that seemed out of place, or that seemed wrong in any way. The utensils are really great, and the chairs were extremely comfortable. Like I said, they know what they’re doing.


And then came the waiter, a really pleasant Italian guy. He wasn’t pushy, as you would find in some places, but waited very patiently for me to order, even offering me some of the specials, but again, not in a pushy way. He spoke English fluently, and his Italian accent added to the charm of the place. He knew all the answers to the questions I’ve asked him; it’s as if he was the chef, and not the waiter.

And then the meal came. The waiter brought it by rather quickly, which is a great thing in my book. There was no need for that long wait, when you just don’t know what to do, so you grab your phone and start reading 3-month old texts. Apart from the fact that the food came very quickly, it was also delicious. And the most important thing is the fact that it wasn’t so expensive. When I saw how elegant the restaurant was, I thought that the priced would be enormous. But, they, weren’t; they were perfect for such a place.


Before going home, I asked the waiter to point me to the bathroom to wash my hands (and to see if the bathroom was clean or not). And just as I suspected, it was spotless. Well, I guess that now I have a new favorite Italian restaurant, and with all the positives to it, how could it not be it?

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